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Evolving Pinterest?


I thought I’d share some further posts I’ve come across that continue the topical discussion of Pinterest and issues of legality. Kirsten of DDKPortraits was contacted by the founder of Pinterest in response to her post discussing her concerns with Pinterest. Head over to her blog to read her update ‘My date with Ben Silbermann…’ and don’t forget to delve into the many comments for more interesting and informative reading. If you like the idea of Pinterest, are an avid user, or even have some spare time, I definitely think it worth the time reading. Also, she has some pretty cute baby portraits to raise a smile and a ‘coochie-coo’! The relative ‘newness’ of Pinterest and the certainty of future development, evolution even provides comfort and assurance to some, The Mom Creative for one thinks the issues will be resolved. I think they will too. If Pinterest wants to stay at the top of its game, it will have to. But I think a lot of damage could be done in the meantime, with people misusing the tool. There may be a big legal wake-up call before Pinterest can evolve much. Also, how could they not know what they were setting themselves up for? With a legal team? They certainly covered themselves! There are a number of informative comments on DDKPortait’s post. I haven’t deleted my Pinterest account either, just addressed the way I use it. Making a Mark shares things from the artist’s perspective. Again, note comments as well as blog posts.

Has anybody found any other interesting and informative articles?

Enough of the cyber-world, I’m heading outside to the real-fresh-air-world to attack some overgrown plants!


Pinterest Update


Hold your pins folks! Here follows a quick note on some Pnterest issues I discovered just today. I just stumbled upon some interesting research with regard to Pinterest, and its legality. Yup, LEGALITY. I know a lot of the information is with regard to the States, how knows where we stand over here, but it still raised some concerning issues with regard to my responsibility and liability with copyright issues in particular. I also found the control Pinterest takes of images rather disconcerting. I recommend all Pinterest users to read these blogs (I mention and link to below) and get informed. I LOVE the idea of Pinterest, it is such a useful tool. But I am uncomfortable with the setup and the details they have in place at the moment. I am so guilty of clicking the ‘yes-I-have-read-the-terms-and-conditions’ for these kinds of things (*inconsequential* things, nothing can happen to me with this- kind of things), when I really don’t, and I certainly don’t UNDERSTAND them. So, I won’t be pinning anything until some changes come about, I’m even considering pressing DELETE. Such a shame, with such a useful and inspiring tool. I’ll be chasing down things that I pinned as well, despite the fact the I attributed to the source, I’m not comfortable with how these images can be manipulated through the site. For example, Pinterest doesn’t use thumbnails or lesser quality images, but the real deal. My apologies to you if I involved you or your images in this. I can but claim ignorance on my part. I hope to remedy somehow, and hope they haven’t spread far and wide on Pinterest boards-eek! You should see how ‘viral’ some images can go, for example, LivingLocurto’s owl smores photo (click to see the search on Pinterest). It’s crazy! Even if the source is included, problems rear their ugly head. Have a read of LivingLocurto’s post, and another important one at DDKPortraits (especially of interest to photographers), Geekgeek’s article packs a punch. Hubpages gives some good advice on using Pinterest. Learn what I didn’t realise (thick-headed me) don’t pin what isn’t yours, or what you don’t have explicit permission to pin. According to Geekgeek: ‘“Liking,” commenting, and re-pinning are all valid ways of interacting with other people’s pins. If someone else pinned it first, you don’t have to worry about holding the copyright.’ I’m off to do some damage control. Not that I initiated most of my pins, I found I mostly re-pinned what was in my interest areas on Pinterest already. Question, how many of those held the copyright themselves?

P.S. I am going to investigate a replacement tool for Pinterest, i.e. a notice/pinboard for the internet. Evernote looks interesting at a glance.