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Embracing family


We, as an extended family, have no problem with getting   of the camera lens. Photo-taking has been very much a part of our lives since we were little. And since my eldest brother took an interest in photography that lead to his pursuing it to a professional level, photos and cameras are an even greater part of our lives! All of ‘the siblings’ take photos almost every day, even more so with the wonderful tool that is the iPhone! Embracing the camera isn’t something we have difficulty with! But I do think we need to be more deliberate in sharing these photos, and in recording the memories and context that go along with them. What an even better insight and memories to cherish for future generations seeking a glimpse into the lives of their forefathers.

This has been a lovely week, despite the rain and clouds covering us for days! Surprisingly though, the coming of the rain has been like the welcome return of a dear friend, our gardens, and lochs, and everywhere really, have been getting pretty dry over the past month. Some older folk in Leverburgh here have actually said that they have never seen the loch beside our house as low! There has also been the welcome return of my brother Colin and his fiancé Nma. They came on Monday for a little holiday break, and they’ll be leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Not really the crack of dawn. That would be at 4.30 am here right now, and then it isn’t even dark here, especially when there is little to no cloud cover. A night of twilight! They’re catching the early ferry, so an early start whatever the light! Not as horrible as in the dark of mid-winter though.

They have had a quiet week, set against my busyness of organising various events such as a youth club BBQ on Friday night (I hope it’s dry by then!) and youth camp which is coming up in the next couple of weeks. We went out to the Anchorage for a lovely dinner tonight (the only restaurant in Leverburgh, but so nice you don’t need anywhere else!) and decided to get a photo of us all to remember our week. After many attempts with the timer, we managed to get an acceptable one! Even if not such amazing quality, it’s the photo moment that counts! How do you Embrace the Camera?



Evolving Pinterest?


I thought I’d share some further posts I’ve come across that continue the topical discussion of Pinterest and issues of legality. Kirsten of DDKPortraits was contacted by the founder of Pinterest in response to her post discussing her concerns with Pinterest. Head over to her blog to read her update ‘My date with Ben Silbermann…’ and don’t forget to delve into the many comments for more interesting and informative reading. If you like the idea of Pinterest, are an avid user, or even have some spare time, I definitely think it worth the time reading. Also, she has some pretty cute baby portraits to raise a smile and a ‘coochie-coo’! The relative ‘newness’ of Pinterest and the certainty of future development, evolution even provides comfort and assurance to some, The Mom Creative for one thinks the issues will be resolved. I think they will too. If Pinterest wants to stay at the top of its game, it will have to. But I think a lot of damage could be done in the meantime, with people misusing the tool. There may be a big legal wake-up call before Pinterest can evolve much. Also, how could they not know what they were setting themselves up for? With a legal team? They certainly covered themselves! There are a number of informative comments on DDKPortait’s post. I haven’t deleted my Pinterest account either, just addressed the way I use it. Making a Mark shares things from the artist’s perspective. Again, note comments as well as blog posts.

Has anybody found any other interesting and informative articles?

Enough of the cyber-world, I’m heading outside to the real-fresh-air-world to attack some overgrown plants!

Pinterest Update


Hold your pins folks! Here follows a quick note on some Pnterest issues I discovered just today. I just stumbled upon some interesting research with regard to Pinterest, and its legality. Yup, LEGALITY. I know a lot of the information is with regard to the States, how knows where we stand over here, but it still raised some concerning issues with regard to my responsibility and liability with copyright issues in particular. I also found the control Pinterest takes of images rather disconcerting. I recommend all Pinterest users to read these blogs (I mention and link to below) and get informed. I LOVE the idea of Pinterest, it is such a useful tool. But I am uncomfortable with the setup and the details they have in place at the moment. I am so guilty of clicking the ‘yes-I-have-read-the-terms-and-conditions’ for these kinds of things (*inconsequential* things, nothing can happen to me with this- kind of things), when I really don’t, and I certainly don’t UNDERSTAND them. So, I won’t be pinning anything until some changes come about, I’m even considering pressing DELETE. Such a shame, with such a useful and inspiring tool. I’ll be chasing down things that I pinned as well, despite the fact the I attributed to the source, I’m not comfortable with how these images can be manipulated through the site. For example, Pinterest doesn’t use thumbnails or lesser quality images, but the real deal. My apologies to you if I involved you or your images in this. I can but claim ignorance on my part. I hope to remedy somehow, and hope they haven’t spread far and wide on Pinterest boards-eek! You should see how ‘viral’ some images can go, for example, LivingLocurto’s owl smores photo (click to see the search on Pinterest). It’s crazy! Even if the source is included, problems rear their ugly head. Have a read of LivingLocurto’s post, and another important one at DDKPortraits (especially of interest to photographers), Geekgeek’s article packs a punch. Hubpages gives some good advice on using Pinterest. Learn what I didn’t realise (thick-headed me) don’t pin what isn’t yours, or what you don’t have explicit permission to pin. According to Geekgeek: ‘“Liking,” commenting, and re-pinning are all valid ways of interacting with other people’s pins. If someone else pinned it first, you don’t have to worry about holding the copyright.’ I’m off to do some damage control. Not that I initiated most of my pins, I found I mostly re-pinned what was in my interest areas on Pinterest already. Question, how many of those held the copyright themselves?

P.S. I am going to investigate a replacement tool for Pinterest, i.e. a notice/pinboard for the internet. Evernote looks interesting at a glance.

Wee Cousin’s Blog


I would like to share my cousin Cindy’s blog with you. She wrote it during her adventure to Scotland in the summer, when she came over with my Auntie Donna (also her cousin) to join us for our wedding in July. I know some of you may have already visited and enjoyed her tales of epic adventure, from the crowded cities to the empty moors in Lewis, but you might like to return for more reading if you didn’t make it through to the end (which I reccommend) and I thought others might appreciate it too. I love Cindy’s writing (yes, if you’re reading this, I do, truly!) and its lovely to see our world from a different perspective every once in a while. So, hope the link works!

Pinterest, travels and projects


I discovered the site ‘Pinterest’ a couple of months ago. As soon as I figured out its purpose and what it actually enables you to do, I wish I had discovered it a year before! It would have been incredibly handy for researching wedding ideas, and for organising all my bookmarks, screenshots and tabs. Yes, I confess, I am one of those people who have countless tabs {when you have more than one internet page open in the one window, they are called ‘tabs’ or ‘a tab’} open at the same time, and a few windows on top of that! I get told off by various siblings, butI find it so convenient, its hard to stop! Of course, I should convert a number of them into bookmarks, but that takes time (more time than just leaving them open) and a lot of the time I don’t want them to become permanent bookmarks. To be honest, my bad habit of taking a long time to get around to doing or finishing things is to blame. For example, I have had the Stornoway Gazette website open for a couple of days now, waiting for me to get around to sending them our wedding photo for the paper. But, hey, its one step closer to completion now that it is no longer just a written scrawl on my to-do list. The other day (well, last month) I was researching activities we could do at this summer’s youth camp, and yes, these are all open tabs in 2 windows. I have minimised them out of the way of daily e-mail checking and such like, but I think firefox is struggling, it hasn’t been quiting very well recently. I have a couple of tabs with some items I’m considering buying open just now as well- still undecided, so still open. It wouldn’t make any sense (to me!) to bookmark them. I would have to spring clean my bookmarks every couple of weeks! That is a task of mine that is long overdue, and maybe if I had more organised bookmarks and bookmark folders, I would be more inclined to use and create them.

Anyway, back to Pinterest. In the months leading up to the wedding, you can well imagine the numerous tabs I had open, with inspirational ideas, things I had to do, and websites others had shared with me. I also got into the hait of taking screenshots of, lets say, flower ideas, and saving them in a folder for later reference and inspiration. Now, if I had known of Pinterest then, it would have made things so much easier and handier. You see, Pinterest is an online pinboard. If you find things of inspiration, special things to remember, recipes, special photos, in the ‘real’ material world, you would add them to a noticeboard, a pinboard, your wall, the fridge, a folder, etc… Pinterest provides a means of recording and organising things you find online, with the added benefit of maintaining creator rights and providing a direct link to the source. I could have added the photos and ideas for flower bouquets that I found online onto a Pinterest board, just for me to see, or to share. With the board, entitled wedding flowers, they would have all been in the same place, pretty and organised! And I could have had another board for dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cakes… the list goes on. Clicking on the image would have taken me directly to the sight for further information. Pinterest also enables you to see what other people are ‘pinning’, providing a fount of inspiration in all areas of life!

I have since shared the world of Pinterest with others, perfect timing for Colin and Nma who are planning their wedding just now; and Mairianne finds it a great resource for youth activity ideas. I have boards focusing on specific things I want to make (crafts etc), inspiration for the arty things I want to create, gardening ideas for when the weather changes, interior decor,  food I want to make and gobble, photo shots that I find that I think are paricularly lovely, one for things I see that I like or would like to get… and more. I have even started a board for doors. Yup, doors. Ever since being in Spain, I love doors. Special doors. Old doors. Coloured doors. Photos of doors. They are so captivating and inviting; pieces of artwork leading to who knows where, surrounded by an aura of mystery. Just look to ‘The Secret Garden’ for an example of how enticing a door can be! There’s another topic for a board, books to read, and share. So much of Pinterest is about sharing. It is so easy to get caught up in looking at what others have pinned, I forget to make my contribution in return. Such a delightful world has been opened for us in Pinterest. Have you discovered it yet? What do you like about it? Do you have any bugs about it?

I have been finding so many things I would love to create and do, but getting around to doing them is another matter! I was inspired on a blog I visit (The Mom Creative) to create a ‘Completed Pins’ board for projects I actually take all the way. Needless to say its still empty! I’ve also found the advice of making boards as narrow is scope as possible helpful, otherwise you will never find anything! And it defeats the purpose. I haven’t had much creative opportunity recently. Well, maybe I haven’t made enough of an effort. I will though- new day, new week, and all that! I’ll take a leaf out of Anne’s (of Green Gables) book, [haha! unintentional pun!] each day is new with no mistakes in it. We had a lovely Anne movie watching night the other week at Diana’s. Of course, we only watched the first dvd, and enjoyed it very much! It had been so long since I last watched it, I had forgotten some bits. We had a lovely girls night in Vatisker anyway, thank you Diana!

There has been a lot of toing and froing during this first month of 2012. Ruairidh is away this week for the third spell this month, and I just came back on Saturday from a trip to Glasgow. Myself and Mairianne left on Wednesday to join Nma and Ruth (her other bridesmaid) for dress shopping in Glasgow. Yes, we had a successful time! How exciting to be able to support and help Nma (and Colin, I suppose) with their upcoming EVENT. So, there has been a lot of coming and going recently, and I haven’t made much progress with any of the projects and ideas I have in my head, or that are glaring me in the face, every day. But as I finish this rambling nonsense blog, it is a new day, of a new month, motivation I hope that will spurr me on to bring these things to fruition. Hopefully you’ll hear about something in the next blog!