My name is Margaret MacLean, commonly known as Peigi to all apart from the official folk. As a word of explanation, Peigi is a Scottish Gaelic equivalent of Margaret and often used as a pet name.  I live in the village of Leverburgh on the Isle of Harris in Scotland with my husband Ruairidh. Ruairidh works as a Christian minister and much of our time is involved with that work in our local community, from involvement in our own church group, to a host of other spheres in the Primary school; older youth work; visiting the youth of yesterday (i.e. the oldies!), and the new lifeboat service. We are enjoying life here in the South of Harris, despite the fact that we both hail from north of the border, that is, the Isle of Lewis, the urban island! What a beautiful place to live, and lovely people to live among. I spend a portion of my day just looking out of the windows at the rapidly changing weather and beautiful scenery. Sometimes so I’ll know when to go out for the washing on the line before they get soaked in a rain shower! House projects and life projects keep me going at the moment, as well as the when-time-will-allow art projects.

This little corner in the blogasphere began at the end of 2008 with sharing a little bit of ‘me’ with others. Primarily it was for sharing my experiences during my year in Spain to keep family and friends up to date and involved. It has continued as such, sharing experiences, quotes, thoughts, life in general, the exciting and the mundane! With family and friends around the world, this blog serves as an avenue for sharing in life. I like to think and write as well, so it feels natural to blog somehow. Sometimes I think too much, sometimes too little! But this blog helps to focus the thoughts. (You may come to a different conclusion when you come across rambling posts!) I find it has evolved over the years as well: stories from Spain, favourite quotes, photos to share, and gaps of silence peppered throughout. It’s interesting to see what has happened, and exciting to think of what the future may hold. I’m hoping blogging will help to keep me more accountable these days. What have I done? Am I keeping in touch with others? What am I reading? How am I living? With the motivation of sharing with others in a blog post (or kick up the backside perhaps!) I hope to be more encouraged in my ‘living’. And I hope that YOU will be more involved in our life.

Life is for living and for sharing.


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  1. Wonderful news! I especially pleased to hear that the wedding is in the not to distant future. That will give your Canadian family plenty of time to prepare. I haven’t been back in a long time so I am looking forward to it.

    I got a kick out of your winter pictures. That is standard procedure for where we are 8 months of the year. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Your cousin,


  2. Ah now I see where you are! and you lived in Catalunya for a while too – is that blog still available? You live in such a wonderful part of the world – I come from Inverness originally but love the western isles. today I was just saying to my partner – perhaps we should go and live in Scotland….but for him the idea of the weather is too hard. For me too perhaps now that I am accustomed to Catalan sunshine. But I love the changeable weather and the incredible light of the the north. It is hard though – like in Cornwall – you need a special sort of grit and humour to deal with the grey and misty days which sometimes go on and on and on! But being in such a wild place has its own rewards and the people of course are wonderful and funny and kind. Kate x

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