A horsey day


What a lovely day we had yesterday! My brother Seoras and his girlfriend Stephanie are home on the island for a little holiday, and we decided to do something fun, out of the ordinary, along with my sister Mairianne. We went horse-riding/pony-trekking! Guess where? On the beach! It was such a beautiful day, and with lovely company. But Seoras and Mairianne’s horses were rather lazy and were miles behind us the whole way! It was nice to get more experience with horses. In another life, I would have loved to have been a ‘horse-person’. We embraced the experience (a first time for Seoras, very brave he was, and well matched with his horse who kept eating whatever he could reach! He must have needed the extra energy carrying Seoras!). Embraced the sunshine and breeze, and the camera. So thankful we have some shots to help remember a lovely day on the Isle of Lewis. We’re stuggling to embrace the sore legs and bum now though!

Embrace the Camera

↓ Seoras on Ben; Stephanie on Roddy; Mairianne on Paddy; Me on Sherridon. {before we clambered off and collapsed in a heap of jelly legs}



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