Merry and brave


Our seasons seem to have decided to move on- Spring has sprung! I saw quite a few lambs and calves about today as we drove to the beach for an afternoon picnic. But this year Spring seems to be slightly confused, as you may have guessed by the fact that we had a beach picnic today! Yup, blazing sunshine and no rain, and sunburn! We didn’t stop to think about sunhats or suncream, so we’re a bit pink in the face tonight! Let’s hope the sunshine regulates, and shines throughout the summer, and not just for this week in March! March has brought some quite windy, wet days as well though. I feel for all those daffodils in our garden, being tossed about mercilessly. But still, they hold their heads up proudly, defiantly cheerful in the face of bleak days and bitter winds. Daffodils are such courageous flowers. They are one of my favourites. Courage and beauty are themes paralleled in the book ‘Rilla of Ingleside’ (from the Anne collection, by L M Montgomery) which I am reading just now. The ladies of Ingleside resolve to be ‘heroines’ in the midst of the turbulence and menace of war. The daffodil bravely flowers under the first timid warming rays of the sun, while most of the other flower kindred snuggle deeply down, defiantly deferring until the coming of warmer days. Daffodils have such courage. They delight in bursting forth to beautify the earth, despite the harshness of the wind and rain. They are content to sway back and forth, (or whip and lash back and forth as they do here on the rim of the Atlantic!)  glowing with the very essence of the sun above. Such joy. It cheers me up to see their happy faces seeking the sun.

Yellow seems to be the colour of spring around here, with the daffodils, and the gorse bushes flowering as well. Gorse is another of my favourites of the botanical world. They seem so dependable, and solid. Untouchable, with their pointed needles. Their gnarled branches speak of wisdom, and their delicate bright yellow flowers reveal a sense of humour, delighting in existence under the sun and in the face of the wind. There is a combined flavour of old age and youth with gorse. Their crowning glory, it has to be said, is the perfume of their flower. So delicate and winsome, with a comforting tone of coconut. Yup, the glorious scent of coconut in the wilds of Scotland! We don’t smell it as strongly here at home, where the surrounding area is so open and the wind blows it all away. But it is just beautiful in the sheltered area around my parents’ house. Beauty is all around us, all the time, I have to admit. But it’s easier to see it illuminated in spring sunshine.


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  1. Hello I dropped by to say hello after reading your kind comment on my blog about smiling in Catalunya. thanks so much for your visit! I haven’t read enough here yet to see where you are but just wanted to comment on this post as I am a great fan of the Anne books and hope you are enjoying them – for the first time? I return to them regularly for comfort reading and a reminder of a more innocent age. she writes about the dark sides of life as well but I love the character of Anne and of her adopted parents. Did you see the TV films? I always cry at the part where Walter dies. It is guaranteed:( Hope the sun is shining and the beautiful daffodils are dancing in your fields. they are the emblematic flower of Cornwall where I used to live. All best wishes this Easter day Kate x

    Ps I lost the first version of this comment so hope you don’t get it twice.

    • Thanks for coming by Kate. Yes, I love the Anne books too, and I read them every year or two since I first discovered them, maybe 10/12 years ago. I really enjoy the TV films as well. Montgomery’s writing is very close to the personal realities of life, very emotional with humour and tragedy intertwined.
      As far as I know my previous Catalan posts should still be available. I really need to get around to organising my posts into folders. They are just archived according to date at the moment. You will find posts from my time in Catalunya between January- July 2009. I was there from September, and I thought I had witten posts from then as well, but maybe it was e-mails to family and friends that I wrote. x

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