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So, skipping forward to the end of the book for a sneak peek- I make it back to Scotland in one piece in the middle of a busy week and try to find an opportunity to continue the Italian blog saga and not leave folk hanging (I know there will have been lost sleep over our Italian adventures 😉 ).
Chapter 2:
Giorno! (Greetings!) We had another mission for Sunday morning, to find the church Flora had shortlisted for a first visit. According to our map reading skills, it didn’t seem to be all that far away from the residence, and we were right, proving that females CAN read maps gentlemen. The International Church of Torino (see for further investigation) is only a 10min walk along from the residence and we had a lovely morning service with the diverse congregation there. The pastor is from Wales and his wife is from Glasgow- Flora will be well looked after! There are many nationalities represented, including Italian (fancy that! They offer simultaneous translation form English, the language used for the service etc) and a number of Americans. Definitely recommend the church if you happen to visit Torino. (Torino is the Italian for Turin, connected to ‘il toro’ the Italian for ‘bull’, which also, surprisingly enough, happens to be the city’s emblem.)

After church we went to meet up with Greg for some company in our exploration of Turin, and some much required food. We didn’t take any food with us, and because it was so foggy when we arrived we couldn’t look for any shops to buy food. We had to survive on the croissant pastries, fruit juice and Ritz crackers from the vending machine at reception on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Thank goodness I had Euro change with me! To my astonishment, the coffee from the vending machine was also very tasty, unlike UK vending machine coffee!! But then Italy and coffee go together like bread and jam! Café espresso was definitely one of my highlights of the trip! So, we scoffed a scrumptious lasagne with Greg, and I had a ‘real’ orange juice fix-I miss Spanish orange juice so much! Other juice just taste like paint stripper in comparison! It was a bit chilly, clear skies and sun (am I making you Scots jealous yet?!) but as long as you wrapped up, perfect for wandering around Turin’s grand streets and covered walkways. Turin is in the north of Italy, in the shadow of the Alps. It was lovely looking down a street framing snow-capped mountains in the distance. It is also quite a big-name shopping city, with lots of money obviously around. I lost count of how may fur-coat-clad women we walked past that day. We didn’t buy anything fancy though, just yummy doughnuts and big sandwich-thingies for our dinner that night. Greg came back for a visit and a yarn, with interesting tales of cockroaches and his attempts at extermination. I don’t think the roaches quite knew what hit them when a chemist moved into their abode!

So, another day past. I’ll skip to one event of Monday and leave the rest until the next opportune moment. I found out that I could indeed remain in my room at the residence, and that it would cost me 35 euros/night. All’s well that ends well! (and even better with no cockroach encounters for me in the night!)
ciao ciao ciao


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