Appreciation _ quote


Appreciation: Having eyes to see what we have been given

The gentle touch of a friend. The surprise birthday party. An exhilarating mountain climb. A wonderful meal. A quiet walk. A stimulating conversation. The sheer audacity of autumn colours. A mother’s care. A mellow sunset. A lover’s passion. A moment of solitude. A gripping book. An inspiration. Appropriate timing in doing good. A sense of God’s presence. Mad hilarity with friends. A stimulating project. Receiving an unexpected gift.

Worship. Play. Prayer. Silence. Work. Love. Peace. Friendship. Family.

As we allow our minds to wander over the many facets of our lives, we cannot but help to be amazed. Here and there are the marks of love, the signs of goodness, the indications of grace. Here and there are the gifts of compassion, the fruit of service, the signs of hope, the blessings undeserved.

Henri Nouwen gently reminds us that ‘every time we experience real

goodness or gentleness we know it is a gift.’. He is right.

Appreciation cannot be an occasional afterthought. It is a way of life in which the present is celebrated, the giver thanked and where we live with a sense of amazement that so much has been placed in such undeserving hands.

Charles Ringma


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