Monthly Archives: September 2010

Back to the City


I had my first bus-no-show this morning, I know I’m back in Glasgow. I was attacked by Seoras today, more than once. I know I’m back. I had bacon and scrambled egg brunch, I know I’m back. I had a wonderful, relaxed, chatty evening with Fiona, its so good to be back! I can hear planes, and buses, and buzzers, and Glaswegians, and SPANIARDS on the bus, and CATALANS in the library; I must not be in Lewis! I have an essay deadline, come on, I’m only just back! I need a hug, I don’t want to be back 😦 I’m getting into routine, makes it easier to be back. There’s no Alison in Uni, or even in Glasgow these past 2 weeks- something is not quite right about being back! But back I am, for the final year, hurrah! But I might not be smiling in 2 months, or 6! Busy times ahead, but a good busy.Seoras and the oliphant