end of junior honors


It has been a while since my last blog, which says more of how life has been than any words I may have written! BUSY!!! But now, I have no such excuse, and can once again enjoy spending some time in sharing with you. Just now (Thursday) I’m sitting on the ferry, conveniently beside a power socket, typing away as we leave Ullapool. I’m on my way home for the summer! This Junior Honors year has fairly flown by, but I am definitely in need of home and a break from studying. After exams over the past month, I find I  can no longer even write properly (just as well this is typed, otherwise you would definitely struggle to make sense of my writing!). The sky has cleared and the sun come out to welcome me home. The weather and scenery, with low, misty clouds; sudden heavy showers and snow still lying on the higher hills shows how winter is unwilling to leave us this year. Even south in Glasgow it has turned cold again this week after a wonderful, summer-like weather last week. Despite the length and stiffness of the journey up the road on the bus and then the ferry, I do enjoy it. It helps to ease the transition back into island life. When I fly home, I need a few hours after landing just to get used to the idea of being back home. I love watching the change from lowland to Highland, Highland to sea, sea to home. Where else would you want to be?!! I get more excited with each stage, and I miss that with the plane. So, I‘m enjoying my journey today, apart from being a bit sgìth/tired. I think its going to be a lovely crossing as well, we’ll see what if I change my mind in a bit when we’re in the open Minch!

The Easter holidays flew by. My classes finished before the holidays, so I ‘only’ had exams to go back to. Despite good intentions, there’s always good intentions, I didn’t get much revision done during the holidays. A week was spent at a Free Church Youth Camp as a leader, this one a Gaelic camp for P5-S2 children. It was a short 5 day camp, but we squeezed a lot in, including a visit to the Highland Wildlife Park, now home to Mercedes the polar bear. We saw her a few years ago in Edinburgh with another camp group, and the difference in her enclosure is amazing, seems almost ten times the size! There was an added adventure on the way home from camp. Something on the ferry broke down, so myself and Ruairidh and one camper who was going back to Lewis with us stayed over the Sunday until Monday to get back. We also had some more snow at the beginning of the holidays. It wasn’t heavy this time, in Lewis anyway, and only lasted about a day, so all the new flowers were allowed to grow some more and brighten our days. After such a long, cold winter ( I know some of you will be scoffing at that statement in comparison to your own climates, but it really was more extreme than we have recently been used to) spring and summer, with warmth and sunshine have come very suddenly for me. But I’m putting away the woollies and getting used to the idea!

The past month has been centred around studying and exams really, with plenty of study breaks of course! Cups of tea, either on your own in the small hours, in the library, or out with friends, are so helpful when you’re faced with books and note-taking. I’ve been taking some snaps with my mobile phone camera of random bits of ‘study-time’.

Some of the other photos you see here show a wee bit more of the past month(s): enjoying the Castle Grounds in Stornoway in the Spring; experimenting with wedding invitations (we’re making our own); spring cleaning therapy, including sorting out our linen closet in the flat, is my relaxation of choice after exams (I know…weird!). There’s also a few (quite a few!) snaps of my engagement ring, but I can’t help it! Even though Colin took some proper ones with his fancy-dan camera, I can’t help it when it looks so pretty in certain lights etc. All I can say is that its a beautiful ring (moran taing Ruairidh :)) so I’m going to enjoy it! I made it home for a couple of days in the middle of April for my cousin Stuart and Diana’s wedding. It was a lovely day, you can see some more on Colin’s flickr page (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjc/) and mine (http://www.flickr.com/photos/peigi_pest/). Most of us ended up taking photos with one of Colin’s cameras at some point during the day, so its an interesting mix! It also means I’m short of a lot of the ones I took-I forgot to take them of the camera before I gave it back to him! Anyway, you can view the collection on his page.


During my last week in Glasgow, I went with some girls from church to a Spanish tapas restaurant in the West End, just off Byres road. I had noticed it the week before and was eager to try it out, see how it compared to the real deal! And I was so chuffed when the girls suggested going there. It was really nice, close enough to what I was used to in Spain to keep me happy! I miss the people and the food from last year in Spain the most, so it was nice to get the taste buds going again. I’m tempted to go visit for a long weekend soon, we’ll see. This summer will be a busy one, between earning some pennies, relaxing, studying, camp, wedding organisation, and my friends Fiona and Roddy are getting married in August. I’m sure it will fly by!


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