Monthly Archives: December 2009

still alive!


I hope you don’t think that I’ve dropped of the face of the planet, I’m still hanging on! I’m now at home for my Christmas holidays, I have a wonderful 5 weeks this time around, but I do have Uni work to do as well, and to be honest I’m looking forward to not being as hectic as I have been during this term at University. It took a wee while getting used to being back at University and studying after a year away. I’ve been pretty busy this semester with my language classes (speaking and written) for both Gaelic and Spanish as well as three other option courses: The Gaelic Novel and The Highland Clearances for Gaelic; and Catalan for Spanish. So I’ve been busy busy. Of these three only Catalan continues next semester (but I will have exams for all the options at the end of next semester) and I’ll be taking a Comparative Literature course (another option for Spanish) looking at Grimm’s and other European Fairy Tales. I’m looking forward to it, but I hope I don’t forget everything I’ve been doing this past term for the exams!

So far, its been Christmas as usual in Newmarket, apart from the unusual arrival of SNOW! We have indeed had a white Christmas this year, and its stayed, but mostly because it has all frozen over, more of an Ice Christmas now! So we’ve been staying to the house as much as we can, to avoid breaking our necks on the drive. Everybody is home again, which is noisy as usual with much annoyingness, but the new kitchen, sun lounge and shower room helps to spread folk around. It is actually possible to lose somebody in the house! There’s plenty of baking and big dinners, so we’d better all stay away from the scales for a while in case we get a fright!

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely festive season yourselves and I hope to be able to write again soon. You can of course keep up on flickr, with (although I’m way behind on photos too!) my page and also Colin’s