study begins


So, back to studies this week. Not a good start really, I discovered some clashes in my timetable between my two Honours subjects and we’re in the process of sorting them out.  Thankfully we managed to change a class time today, so, one down! I’m trying not to think too much  about the months and years to come, otherwise I think I might  be slightly overwhelmed! Once I get the first essay out-of-the-way I hope some of my studying skills will come back and keep me company, but right now I feel so out of touch.

My timetable is fairly filling up, I was under the illusion of less actual class time and more personal study for Honours, but it looks like it’s going to be a bit of both, this semester anyway. I have my cor language and oral classes for Gaelic and Spanish, as well as three classes of Catalan a week. It was really uplifting to hear some spoken Catalan in our class yesterday, that was the first Catalan I’d heard since leaving Spain. In a way I’m really glad of the opportunity to build upon the tiny foundation I gained during my time in Catalonia, but then I think of having to do three languages in one year, when I am far from mastering Gaelic after a lifetime, never mind Spanish. A very scary thought, but I keep thinking one step at a time and be glad to have the privilege and opportunity. At least it is a very interesting and rich language, it could be worse!

It’s good to be wandering around campus again, to be in a ‘normal’ atmosphere and day-to-day life after last year. I’m wanting to study again as well, which is a good sign. I think I might have been getting fed-up by the time third year came if I hadn’t had that year away. I have two Gaelic option courses this semester, one about the Gaelic Novel. We had our first class today and it promises to be interesting! The other is a History option focusing on The HIghland Clearances, starting next week.  My only Spanish option this semester is Catalan (enough!;) ). I have less course options in Spanish as I have elected to write my dissertation next year under the Spanish Department. But fear not, I hope not to stray away from or exclude Gaelic. The main reason for this is that there were more appealing course options in Gaelic than in Spanish, and I knew that the Gaelic department would be very willing to help even if I was ‘officially’ under guidance from the Spanish Department. I’m still thinking about a dissertation topic, I’m sure I’ll keep you posted.

Well, you’ll be fed up with all this study talk, but unfortunately that’s all that’s going on at the moment for me! I’ll try to do something exciting during the next few weeks for you to read about!


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