Monthly Archives: July 2009

I’m back!


So, just to let you know that I didn’t drop off the face of the earth on my flights back to Scotland! Seoras and I had a good last week in Reus, and then, all packed (under weight too!), we flew back to Glasgow via London Gatwick. A pleasure flying with British Airways (I don’t have any energy left for Ryanair!). That was on a Thursday and I spent the weekend in Glasgow catching up with some friends, unpacking a wee bit and catching up on some summer sales shopping. I made it home on Monday evening after an interesting bus and ferry journey. Since the, I feel like my feet have hardly touched the ground. I came home to a new kitchen and nearly finished extension. They didn’t give me any clues, talk about shock! No wonder mum was very quiet on the phone recently, she didn’t want to let anything slip! So we’ve been busy finishing jobs with that. I’ve also been enjoying catching up with friends, its so good to be home. And I’ve started work. I’m doing some shifts in the holiday club, as in past years, except not so many, which I’m actually glad of. I’m shattered! But I’m doing the cleaning for the club everyday so that’s an hour everyday anyway, suits me this summer.
My auntie Norma and her 4 year old granddaughter have come for a weeks holiday while Mum and Dad are away on ‘holiday’ in Glasgow. So that’s been good, some more company and entertainment. Our neighbours, Kelsey and Liam aged 7 and 4 (who have adopted us as their minders) are quite taken with Amy! My auntie Catriona is coming for a wee visit after they leave as well, but I leave a week Saturday, the 18th, for camp. I’m so glad to be able to help at camp again this year, I would have really missed it. It’s the same age group as past years, P5-7 mixed, except we have a very unbalanced group with 18 boys and 2 girls, so it will be interesting to say the least. So next week will be time to get orgainised for that. And that’s about it for the moment. If I get a chance I’ll hopefully share a little something else, and get to edit some photos which will keep you up to date on flickr .
So I’m back, and back into the easily contacted zone, so give me some of your news now that you have mine. You’re probably sick to death of getting all my random news! So, in proper Stornoway lingo, ‘What’s the crack?’