I decided that I should get round to summarising my Christmas before the end of January! I know its disgraceful enough to have left it as long as this, but imagine how much worse if it was February!

Classes before Christmas were mostly spent in teaching and singing English Christmas carols and songs, as well as much colouring-in of Santas and reindeer! I was introduced to the Catalan tradition of  ‘El Tio’. ‘El Tio’ is log collected from a wood by a Catalanfamily. The, with most focus on the children, take care of El Tio in the run up to Christmas, keeping it warm and feeding it special delicasies of the Tio world such as orange peel! Then on a specially selected day before Christmas, the children gather around the Tio with wooden sticks. They hit the Tio on the back and sing a song asking the Tio to give them presents for taking care of it. Small (unbreakable!)presents are then discovered under the blanket covering the Tio. El Tio takes many forms, the photo here shows my school’s. To see it in action :

Our staff Christmas dinner was held on the Thrusday night of the last week of term, the evening before I was due to fly home. It was lovely, and the food was really good. It was nice to relax with the teachers, especially those I work with and have got to know. Lots of photos were taken (visit flickr!) but these are the crream of the crop, the whole group, and the three English teachers!

I was home in Lewis for nearly three weeks, with a day or so in Glasgow either end. They were very much needed. My poor brain needed a break from culture and language change. They were quite busy, and passed super fast as usual! Of course, I ended up with a good dose of the cold, just to top off the holiday season! It was great to see family and friends and to relax a bit.


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